Foods to Lose Weight: When Nutritious Meets Delicious

If your idea of diet food is a tasteless, shapeless mush in minuscule portions that would make a baby cry, you better throw away your old grocery list and prepare for a feast of delicious foods to lose weight surprisingly fast.

Leafy greens are a staple for weight watchers but appetizers should not be limited to the standard salads. Asparagus wraps, for example, not only look good but are also very tasty and the most important thing is that it is low in calories so you can enjoy it guilt-free. Asparagus has a high potassium content which helps regulate blood pressure. It also has natural diuretic properties which help remove excess fluid from the body. A zesty tomato salsa is also a great way to start a filling meal. Tomatoes are not only rich in anti-oxidants they also have biotin, chromium, and fiber which makes you feel full faster and for longer periods. The best thing about tomatoes is that they are not just low in calories, digesting them requires more calories which means you get a free workout just by eating tomatoes.

Delicious Main Courses Fit for Royalty

Get your fill with delicious meals of salmon and mackerel. Both are bursting at the seams with Omega 3 and fatty acids. Whether grilled or steamed, these protein-packed fishes are the secret to flat tummies and toned abs. Contrary to what you might think, meat is not an absolute enemy of the weight loss crusade. Good meat choice and proper preparation can mean the difference between high-fat, high cholesterol meals and low-fat, filling main courses. When buying meat, pick lean cuts. In beef, it is the sirloin, chuck, and tenderloin. With poultry, choose the white meat from turkey or chicken breast and throw away the skin. Broiling, grilling, roasting and baking are better cooking styles for meat because you can let the meat cook in its own oils. Just be sure to drain the oil before serving and mind your portions too.

Mouth-watering Desserts

Who says you can’t have chocolate when you are on a diet? Dark chocolate contains healthy fats that speed up metabolism while keeping you feeling full longer. Fat-free yogurt is simply delectable and contains micro-organisms that help in digestion. These friendly tummy bacteria help regulate metabolism and promotes regular bowel movement. Of course, there is a wide variety of fruits that you can choose from for dessert. Bananas, pineapple, avocado, grapefruit, berries – the list is endless. Fruits are high in fiber which means you feel fuller for less.

Crunchy Munchies

Late night movie marathons while drowning your arm in foot-deep barrels of crunchy snacks can fatten you up faster than a full season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. But some days can just get extremely rotten you simply have to recharge with a bucket of crunchy munchies while bawling over the awful finale of Homeland. For days (and late nights) like these, almonds and pistachios are your best friends. Pistachios and almonds are lower in fat and calories than most nuts but are packed with protein and fiber to help you build muscle while improving the digestive system.

With proper information and willingness to explore the local grocery store, you will find a wide variety of foods to lose weight that are not only nutritious but very delicious as well.