Pumpkin Diet: Natural Weight Loss

Pumpkin comes in season with Halloween. Little do we know that if we would just add more pumpkin to more seasonal feasts’ meals, we wouldn’t have as much trouble shedding extra holiday pounds. In fact, we wouldn’t need to do that at all, because the extra pounds won’t even be there!

This orange veg beast with a sweet nutty flavor is not just a fun decoration, it’s a robust natural weight loss aid!

The first time I found out about the power of a pumpkin diet was many years ago. My gran had a cow! That one year they had a huge pumpkin harvest as well and she decided to start adding pumpkin to the cow’s diet. Very shortly this poor cow started losing lots of weight. My gran got very scared and when the vet came to examine the animal, she had to answer around 5000 questions. When the doctor heard that my gran was feeding pumpkin to the cow, he asked no more questions! Since then, when anyone in our family needed to shed some weight, she would always kindly offer to eat some pumpkin. In fact, my mom lost around 16 pounds within a couple of months just by drinking fresh pumpkin juice every day! (***fresh is key here***)

So, how does this pumpkin diet work and how can pumpkin diet help you get rid of extra pounds pretty fast?

Let’s start with the pumpkin’s nutrition qualities!

Pumpkin is a storehouse of vitamins: A, B, C, EE, P with huge amount of iron in addition.

If you are someone who has any of these problems, start eating pumpkin right now:

Vision problems

Circularoty system problem

Poor digestion

And here is your answer: pumpkin speeds up your metabolism and aids digestion, which are the core culprits in losing weight and causes of obesity.

There are two ways to lose weight with the help of a pumpkin diet. Longer and faster ways.

Longer way:

Incorporate more pumpkin into your everyday meal plan:

Make pumpkin soup, add pumpkin to casseroles, add pumpkin to a morning porridge, eat baked pumpkin, juice pumpkin on its own or add carrots and apples. make pumpkin ravioli, add pumpkin puree to meatballs… Possibilities are numerous.

Faster way:

This is a four to eight day crash diet. Be careful with it and consult your doctor prior to starting with it. For 4 – 8 days you eliminate all sugar and sugary fruit (such as bananas and grapes) from your diet as long as bad carbs (such as white bread, pastries, pasta, etc). Drink lots and lots of water (maybe even more than usual 2 litres a day) and add pumpkin to EACH meal.   Pumpkin can be consumed raw, boiled, baked (great to add in salads), juiced, pureed, whatever you decide! One thing – DON’T USE CANNED PUMPKIN, it’s of no value!

I you stay on a pumpkin diet for 4 – 8 days you can expect to lose a kilo a day (2 pounds a day). Isn’t that awesome?!

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